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Based on years of feedback from clients, we have uniquely tailored our services to be a mixture that is a unique experience to each client. Those services fall under the areas of accumulating, preserving, protecting, leveraging, and finally distributing wealth, all in a way that reflects your values. We start with:

  • Goal documentation
  • A written summary of your financial situation and recommendations
  • Interaction with other professionals on your behalf (e.g. your attorney, your CPA)

Our process is based on strategic asset allocation, whereby carefully screened noncorrelated assets are used in an allocation that matches your risk profile. Your portfolio is structured for the long term and your personal goals drive the asset allocation in every portfolio. Portfolios extend beyond traditional stocks and bonds to alternative asset classes, including real estate, managed futures, energy, private equity, and merger arbitrage, among others. Our team provides:

  • Detailed risk profile and a corresponding personal Investment Strategy Summary (ISS) 
  • Ongoing monitoring of managers in the portfolio
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing to ensure compliance with your ISS
  • Periodic investment review meetings and quarterly performance report mailings
  • Educational funding analysis and recommendations 
  • Monte Carlo scenario simulation analysis for retirement security 
  • Employee benefit analysis and recommendations 
  • A quarterly newsletter highlighting relevant investment and financial planning topics

At Matrix, we look beyond market risk in analyzing your situation, to help protect you from taxes and potential liabilities. We start with proper insurance, making sure you maximize contributions to assets that are protected from creditors and that your estate is properly structured to minimize estate taxes.  If trusts are indicated, we are able to provide corporate trustee services through National Advisors Trust Company.

We want to make sure that your income is properly planned and protected.  We provide:

  • Life insurance review
  • Property & casualty insurance checklist 
  • Long-term care analysis (if over age 50)
  • Disability analysis
  • Cash flow statement and projection
  • Income tax projection and planning (with your CPA)

We recognize that improper debt management can derail a solid financial plan. We will assist you in determining how much debt is appropriate, how to get the best rates, obtaining the maximum interest tax deductions, and how to maintain the best credit.  We provide:

  • Net worth statement and projection
  • Ratio analysis (debt to equity, savings, debt ratio) 
  • Debt analysis

We work with you and your attorney to develop and maintain an estate plan so that your family members and organizations that mean the most to you receive the full benefit of clearly stated wishes.  If you believe that more than just assets should be left to the next generation, we agree your values are the most important legacy to pass on.  You planning will include:

  • Estate document tax planning review
  • Beneficiary designations for retirement plans and life insurance
  • How assets should be titled
  • Letter of Instructions checklist
  • Family gift planning
  • Stewardship and charitable legacy planning

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