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Your portfolio is the single most important element of your financial plan. Our goal is to construct a portfolio designed to achieve your financial objectives while assuming no more risk than necessary. Matrix's asset management services consist of:

  • Conducting in-depth discussions on your expectations and risk tolerance.
  • Developing a statistical profile of a portfolio designed to conform to your individual needs.
  • Documenting your overall investment strategy in an Investment Policy Statement.
  • Recommending an appropriate allocation of your assets.
  • Selecting appropriate securities and investing your assets.
  • Monitoring portfolio performance and providing a detailed quarterly performance report.
  • Regular meetings to review your portfolio.
  • Recommending any necessary changes or adjustments in your asset allocation or portfolio.

The Wealth Management Index is a tool that we use that provides a consistent approach to ensure that we thoroughly review your financial situation in an organized fashion.  Through the index, we are looking at the areas of Accumulation, Preservation, Protection, Leverage, and finally Distribution.  By laying out your planning in this way, it also allows us to better identify when there is an area in your financial life that is of particular concern to you.  In the life of a client, we typically, we find that there are planning tasks needing to take place in all of these areas. 

Our investment process is structured with the long-term, goal-oriented investor in mind. Each client’s portfolio is customized based on individual circumstances and focuses on the achievement of financial goals.  Our process includes a comprehensive and thorough risk tolerance assessment, an emphasis on dampening volatility, a time-tested methodology of selecting proven managers, the creative use of alternative investments for diversification, and attention to tax efficiency.  You can be assured that we pay close attention to tax consequences in the initial design and in monitoring the portfolio on an ongoing basis.  Our due diligence process focuses on selecting managers with a proven long-term track record, and avoiding the “hot performing” manager of the year that often crashes as soon as the market shifts.  We pay particular attention to preserving capital during times when the stock market is negative.  Our manager selection and portfolio allocation methodology proved beneficial to our clients during the bear market period of 2000-02.







We believe that today’s markets require effective diversification beyond stocks, bonds, and cash. We prudently incorporate “alternative investments” from asset classes that historically perform differently than stocks and bonds.  While we view US equities and fixed income securities as the “core” of most portfolios, we are increasingly recommending alternative asset classes to clients as a hedge against stock market and interest rate risks. We research and invest in a variety of alternative investments, including various commodities managed futures strategies, private real estate partnerships, oil and gas drilling or production programs, private equity, timber, and merger arbitrage.  We also understand that each of these alternative investments is subject to its own set of risk factors, and we fully evaluate these risks and the overall effect on the entire portfolio.  Our knowledge gained from completing an alternative investments certificate program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School further helps us identify high quality alternative investment managers and avoid others.

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