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Despite having spent quite a bit of time thinking about and working on investment and planning issues, most new clients we begin work with have completed only pieces of their financial plan in the past.  They have bought insurance or invested in mutual funds, written a simple will or participated in a retirement plan.  They have a few vague goals and still wonder if they are on the right track.  As your "personal CFO", we ensure all these pieces are working together to accomplish your goals.  This enables our clients to:

§     Spend their time doing other things in their lives beside managing their financial matters and investments.

§     Set and achieve life goals in accordance with their values.

§     Stay focused on long-term goals, rather than temporary market fluctuations.

§     Have an investment portfolio designed to make the financial plan become a reality while maintaining liquidity to meet short-term goals and controlling volatility.


Our company byline is “Planning for Life,” because we understand that planning is far more than just numbers -- it's about dreams, security, values, and family goals. To bring your goals to life, we have a commitment to being an independent “fee only” comprehensive wealth management firm.  You can be assured that our advice is objective and not tainted by the need to sell investment or insurance products.  You can also be assured that in developing a plan to meet your personal goals, we will use solutions personalized specifically to you.  We are a fiduciary firm with a duty to represent only your best interest.



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